Edward Hendry

Embark on an Epic Journey Through Time

Redemption Series: Where History, Faith, and Destiny Collide

As a gripping adventure series that artfully combines classic historical fiction with Biblical end-time prophecies and high-octane action, the Redemption Series is a shockingly believable and authentic saga that combines religious undertones and supernatural forces with one flawed veteran fighting to fulfil his destiny.

About The Author

Edward Hendry

Edward Hendry is a Florida author, entrepreneur, and veteran who has a deep passion for writing stories about adventure and faith.

His latest work, the Redemption series, blends historical fiction with supernatural themes to take readers on a journey into the diverse challenges of life, love, and destiny.

When he’s not writing books by the sea, you can often find him hiking a backcountry trail deep in the mountains.

Good vs Evil. Unrivaled storytelling. Unforgettable characters.

The Cherokee Secret: Legend of the Corazon Del Rey

These are the hallmarks of Edward Hendry’s debut, The Cherokee Secret, the first in a powerful speculative novel series following the riveting adventures of James MacNaughton (Mack), a not-so-ordinary man who discovers a Viking treasure with a supernatural origin holding a time-shattering secret, revealing his long-lost love and a mysterious ancient past.

Combining historical fiction with magic, mysticism, wisdom, wonder, and suspense, Hendry’s high-stakes story about the lust for power and conflict in the human heart is one you don’t want to miss…

Others Books By The Author

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Chosen (Redemption Series Book 2)

The Cherokee Secret: Legend of the Corazón Del Rey (EE Quest Series)

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